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Alla priser (Hårförlängningar/Extensions) är inklusive hår, inklippning och styling. Håret är 60cm långt.

Delbetalning sker via QLIRO direkt vid bokningen eller från salongen.

Har du hårförlängning i och ska sätta i nytt hår så GLÖM INTE boka urtagning med!

Vi kan ha tillfälligt slut på någon eller några nyanser men vi mixar alltid så att vi uppnår bästa resultat! Om du vet vilken färg du har kan du lägga undan hår till din tid genom att ringa salongen. Vet du inte exakt nyans så boka en kostnadsfri konsultation. Våra hår går även utmärkt att färga.


You do this by using an extension brush EVERY day, the brush is available to buy at our salons.

You get a free brush if you check in at our salon on Facebook and follow us on social media, this applies to all our new customers.
The brush works from the scalp and helps to untangle the hair.
You don't have to be afraid of the bonds slipping out (if you have tape you should be more careful).
Also, work your way through the hair with your fingers as often as you can and check to see that the bonds don't get tangled.
and if they do, untangle it IMMEDIATELY.
Sleep with a braid or a pony tail - this is to keep your bonds in one place instead of tearing against the pillow.
DO NOT use oil, conditioner, hair masques, high heat and bleach products directly on your bonds.
Avoid brushing your hair when wet.


Don't wash your hair more than you must (no more than every other day) so as not to make your hair dry and to avoid getting the bonds wet too often. If you get greasy hair easily or exercise a lot, we recommend using dry shampoo. We have recommended products for your new hair at our salons. You should avoid using products with alcohol / sulfate / silicone. Also avoid products with a lot of oil in them. It is important that you shampoo the hair as usual around the bonds so that it becomes clean and fresh, but do not rub too much, try to massage the shampoo through the hair. It is also important that you rinse the shampoo properly so that there are no residues that can start itching. Only use conditioner, masques and hair oil in the lengths of the hair.


Too much styling, products, salt / chlorine water, bleaching and dyeing can cause the ends to split and / or make the hair dry. Hair does not grow on trees and sometimes your hair will need a little more love! Add moisture to your hair as needed, you will know when. Usually it is enough to use conditioner / masque when washing but sometimes the hair requires a little more, then you can use a good masque and hair oil. If you are going to swim in a salt water / lake / pool, make sure you examine and brush your hair properly immediately afterwards to make sure that nothing gets tangled.

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