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What does it cost to get extensions at your salon?

Price lists are available on the respective salon's booking page, which you can find here.

How long must my own hair be?

We recommend that the hair is at least 10 cm. We have put in extensions in hair as short as 4-5 cm, but this requires extra care and attention.

When the hair is short 150-200 grams is usually needed for a nice result .

However, we suggest that you book a free consultation so that we can see you before the insertion. After all, it may happen that your hair is too short and then it is a pity if you booked an insertion unnecessarily.

How long can you wear the extensions?

Keratin wax: if you have hair of normal thickness that grows around 1 cm / month, it is most common to keep the extensions for 3-4 months. After that you can often get a re-insertion of the same hair and keratin wax one time.

Tape: we recommend that you keep your extensions between 6-8 weeks, and then you can change your tape hair several times until you want to change to new hair.

How long you can wear your extensions depends on how fast your own hair grows and how well you take care of your bonds (they must not get tangled).

What methods do you work with?

Keratin Wax / Tape / Hand-tied Weft (L.A) / Hot Fusion


Do I have to go to a consultation first?

You only need to come to a consultation if you:

  • Have a very odd hair color and don't want to dye it afterwards.

  • Have a short hairstyle.

  • Have very curly hair (not wavy or a slight wave)

  • If you are unsure and have many questions about hair extension.

  • Have hair loss / sparse hair.

  • Have / have had any illness or have undergone any treatment that we should know about.

Otherwise you are welcome to book a time for extensions immediately.

Are you hairdressers?

No, we are extension stylists and we specialize in hair extensions. We are very knowledgeable in this area.

Do you cut the extensions?

Yes, we cut the extensions and your own hair to make it look beautiful and natural. We only cut as much as needed on your own hair.

Can I dye my hair?

There's no problem dyeing the hair in darker shades, we do not recommend bleaching it. You can bleach / color your own roots as usual even if you have extensions. You can also use silver shampoo and silver conditioner, but you should not use too much.

How much hair will I need?

At the salon we will assess what colors and how much hair you will need to get the result you want.

The amount is very individual and fully adapted to your own hair and the amount of hair that is naturally found on your head.


Highlight effect ~ 20-25 grams

Thickening ~ 40-60 grams

Extension in thin / normal hair ~ 75-100 grams

Normal thick extension ~ 120-125 grams
Thick / short own hair ~ 140-150 grams
Very thick or short own hair ~ 150-200 grams

How is the quality of the hair?

The hair is thoroughly tested on 1000's of customers including ourselves. It is a fantastic hair that lasts a long time. It comes from India and it is Remy (strands follow the same direction). The hair we use is very popular in the US, England & Australia. We have cooperated with our supplier for a long time and we have a good cooperation.

Do you have all colors?

No, we only have the most commonly selected colors in our hair, all straight hairs are mixed with two shades to get the most natural result possible. We are happy to mix colors for the best results.

Where does the hair come from?

The hair comes from India, where, according to ancient Hindu tradition, their hair is sacrificed to the gods. Very briefly, you can say that women sacrifice their hair to show that beauty comes from within. Then the hair is then sent to factories around the world to make extensions and wigs.

Do you have all colors?

No, we only have the most commonly selected colors in our hair, all straight hairs are mixed with two shades to get the most natural result possible. We are happy to mix colors for the best results. If you would like to make a special order of a color, please contact us


Do I have to use special products for my new hair?

Of course, it is best to have special products due to the keratin. We recommend using a special kit with shampoo, conditioner, packaging and shine / oil spray from Maria Nila that we sell at our salon for a bargain price.

Does keratin wax damage my own hair?

We work gently.

We do not twist your hair and we use real keratin and not glue. Keratin is not water-soluble and is non-sticky . This means that you do not need to get sticky bonds that get tangled in your hair.

When we remove the hair, we do not use any harsh solvents. Our customers insert hair again and again, usually the same day we take it out.


If you get your extensions at our salon it will cause minimal damage on your own hair. If you do not take care of your extension and your keratin bonds, unnecessary wear can occur. We inform you about all of this when you are at the salon.

We work with flat keratin bonds that get an even strain on the hair follicles and we do NOT put them straight into the scalp and without tightenings! It doesn't hurt the scalp when you come to our salon.

Our returning customers have used this method for several years without noticeable damage. However, the hair must be removed or moved up in time according to our individual recommendations. Most people can have keratin wax extensions for 3-5 months.

Why should I get my hair extensions at your salon?

We care about our customers and we work with love. We have had many extensions ourselves and we work gently. We make the hair look vibrant and natural. We offer a guarantee and you can always reattach loose strands free of charge at the salon. We have the highest quality on the hair and on the insertions, at the best price. Wherever you have done your hair extensions before, you will be at least as satisfied with us.


Do you have any questions or problems? We are always ready to help!

Call us on 040-643 97 78 or send us an email at

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